Pablo Martínez Varela

Partner in the Insolvency and Labour Litigation Department


Pablo Martínez Varela joined IUS + AEQUITAS in 2014, as head of the Labour Law Department and, subsequently, coordinating the Restructuring and Insolvency Department of the Firm.

Since the beginning of his career, almost 20 years ago, he has been closely linked to the auditing of accounts and financial analysis, having collaborated in numerous audits. Leveraging his accounting and financial expertise, he is involved in corporate reorganisations and corporate restructurings.

He also has extensive experience, both practical and theoretical, in the Corporate Jurisdiction, a jurisdiction in which he has been involved since the beginning of his professional practice and in which he has intervened in hundreds of cases.

In the field of insolvency law, he has been an Insolvency Practitioner since 2013. Since then, he has intervened in more than one hundred (100) insolvency proceedings, either as an Insolvency Lawyer, as Insolvency Practitioner or in defence of the interests of creditors or providing advice to creditors, both in the monitoring of their claims and intervening in complex restructuring operations (mainly acquisitions of Production Units).

Having completed a Master’s Degree in the Practice of Procedural Labour Law and Social Security Law, and a Master’s Degree in Insolvency Administration, he currently directs and coordinates the Restructuring and Insolvency department and the Labour department of IUS+AEQUITAS; intervening, in turn, in numerous insolvency proceedings as Insolvency Practitioner throughout Spain and coordinator of the legal and economic areas of the Insolvency Administration teams.

He is also a lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Consultancy at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and on the Master’s Degree in Entering the Legal Profession at the Universidad Europea de Madrid.


Restructurings and Insolvency.

Labour Law.

Corporate and Commercial Law. Corporations.

Accounting and Accounting and Financial Analysis.


2020: BEST LAWYERS: Listed under “Labour and Employment Law” in its Spanish Directory.

2020: LEADERS LEAGUE: Spain – Insolvency Litigation Ranking 2020: Best Law Firms.

2020 and 2021: BEST LAWYERS: Classified in “labor and Employment Law” in its Spanish Directory.

2022: BEST LAWYERS: Ranked in “Labor and Employment Law”, “Insolvency and Reorganization Law” and “Litigation” in its Spanish Directory.

2022: LEADERS LEAGUE: Classified in “Restructuring and Insolvencies”.

2022: BEST LAWYERS: Recognised in the categories “Insolvency and Reorganization Law” and “Labor and Employment Law”.

2023: LEADERS LEAGUE: Recognised in the “Restructuring & Insolvency” area.

2023: BEST LAWYERS: Recognised in the categories “Insolvency and Reorganization Law”, “Labor and Employment Law” and “Litigation” in Spain.



– Master’s Degree in the Practice of Procedural Labour Law and Social Security Law.

– Master’s Degree in Insolvency Administration.

– Numerous courses and lectures on Insolvency Law and Restructurings.

– Significant number of courses and lectures related to Labour Law, Dismissals and Collective Proceedings.


– Spanish.

– English.


Member of:

Madrid Bar Association, since 2002. Member of the Asociación Profesional de Administradores Concursales (Professional Association of Insolvency Practitioners) (ASPAC) Insolvency Practitioner in the following jurisdictions (“Senior Member Lists”): Courts Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Zaragoza, Cantabria, Ciudad Real, Albacete, Valladolid, Toledo, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Burgos, Granada, Oviedo, La Rioja, Tarragona.

Academic Activities (CV):

Lecturer for:

“Master’s Degree in Corporate Legal Consultancy”, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid.

“Master’s Degree in Entering the Legal Profession”, Universidad Europea, Madrid.