Who we are

Procedural excellence

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude”

Ralph Marston


At Ius+Aequitas we offer “procedural excellence” and we place it “at the service of our clients”. The motto with which we founded the firm and which is in the DNA of our legal practice, together with quality, transparency and commitment; we always put people first.


International Directories par excellence highlight us as one of the main boutique procedural law firms in the country:

The Legal500

“Authentic specialists in dispute resolution. Ius-Aequitas stands out due to its expertise in international litigation, corporate investigations and white-collar crime”

“Top quality work for a fraction of what large Spanish law firms charge”

“A truly competent team”

Chambers and Partners

“Clients choose this law firm for its high degree of specialisation, proactivity and ability to provide imaginative and robust solutions to complex problems”

“Eliseo Martínez is deserving of praise for his exquisite and powerful arguments”

“Their lawyers’ knowledge of the nuances of the law is commendable”



Solidity. We are a law firm specialised exclusively in litigation, and since 2003 we have maintained constant growth, consolidating a group of professionals, seamlessly cohesive and synchronised, whose sole objective is to help you. Proof of this is that we are proud to say that in almost twenty years of existence, no partner has left the Firm, which shows that our model of long-term relationship, of internal commitment, gives security to our clients and confidence in our way of working.


We are among the few firms that have the AENOR certificate in quality management systems ISO 9001:2015, which endorses the excellence of our quality policy. We implemented our quality policy in a

pioneering manner in 2012 and we have applied it on a daily basis since then and it is renewed and audited every year.


IQ-NET-certified-e1550663965657-240x240   Sello AENOR ISO 9001_POS


Our tireless quest to improve and stay at the forefront of a constantly changing society and stay abreast of new technologies has led us to put the latest technological capabilities to use in serving our clients.


For us, each client and each case is unique, and we prove that to you. Thanks to our size, we have established a work methodology based on the collectivisation of knowledge and decisions: each case is managed by two of our professionals supported by their teams. Furthermore, our manner of working fully involves partners with experience in the field, which ensures that each client receives thorough advice and a 360-degree view of each matter, providing verifiable added value. How we treat our clients is reflected in the trust our clients have in us.

International Projection

Ius + Aequitas is a Spanish procedural law firm with an international spirit and ethos. Most of the disputes in which we assist our clients now have an international dimension, as there are now many conflicts that transcend our borders.

In order to help you with local experts wherever your conflicts occur, we are the Spanish members of the “INTERNATIONAL FRAUD GROUP (IFG)”, a carefully selected Alliance of to-tier litigation law firm born in London in 1997.

This one-off Alliance has been devastatingly successful and has now developed into a permanent global network. It currently comprises 31 law firm with a presence in 53 countries around the world: England, USA, France, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Dubai, India, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Malta, Panama, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, Cyprus, Pakistan, Vietnam, Isle of Man, Latvia, Philippines, Cayman Islands, Jersey, Turks and Caicos Island and Guernsey.

The integration into the “INTERNATIONAL FRAUD GROUP (IFG)” strengthens our international presence, while providing our clients with a network of excellent professionals who offer first-class advice.

Visit IFG Website



Academic Collaboration

Our close academic collaboration with universities, foundations and other forums, in which our partners actively participate by giving lectures or classes. This means we are aware of recent developments that affect us, and allows us to strengthen and contribute to the intellectual and legal debate in which we carry out our practice.


And above all…

Corporate Social Responsibility


“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”

Martin Luther King


At Ius+Aequitas we are firmly committed to the defence of human rights, labour regulations, the environment and the fight against corruption, and in coherence with our principles and values, we are members of the United Nations (Global Compact) and in compliance with the commitments assumed with this organisation we present our annual social responsibility report.

All the members of the firm are aware of the work and responsibility involved in the practice of law, which is why we are constantly changing and evolving in order to play an active role in the development of society. Our Code of Ethics reflects our values and our commitment to civil society.

For all these reasons, we are proud to be a firm:

— – That puts people first. In order to offer the best service to our clients we must first be responsible with our team, encouraging policies that promote a better work-life balance for our lawyers.

– We work actively with non-profit organisations, both nationally and internationally, aiding the progress of education in developing countries.

We know that actions speak louder than words, so for more than five years we have been contributing to “Fundación Vipeika” and its Pilar Galarza School in Kilaya, Kenya, for 325 children.

We have been linked to the magazine Anoche Tuve Un Sueño for the last 10 years – the first European media to obtain the BCORP certificate – and we have been sponsors of its annual Optimistas Comprometidos [Committed Optimists] awards since 2015 in the Freedom of Expression category, which awards “individuals or groups of individuals who raise their voices in defence of Justice, freedoms and respect for Human Rights, thus confronting totalitarian governmental, economic, political and social systems”. Some of the awardees in this category include:

· Caddy Adzuba, Congolese journalist and Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

· Raif Badawi, imprisoned Iraqi writer.

· Alfredo Romero, Venezuelan lawyer and president of Foro Penal [Venezuelan human rights organisation]

· Malgorzata Gersdorf, judge and first President of the Supreme Court of Poland.

— Through our PRO-BONO actions, we make justice more accessible and give a voice to those who have none

— Because we know that there is no planet B, we are firmly committed to protecting the environment. We maintain active recycling, water saving and energy consumption policies. We identify the possible impacts we may cause in order to avoid them and minimise their consequences.