Eliseo M. Martínez

Partner Director


“Eliseo M. Martínez deserves praise for his exquisite and powerful argumentative ability”, and is “a true specialist in dispute resolution”. Chambers Global and Chambers Europe, 2020.

“Eliseo M. Martínez, excellent managing partner, leads his team and provides a “deep knowledge and creativity” in international litigation”, Legal 500, 2020.

“Eliseo Martínez is a brilliant lawyer and speaker. He can arbitrate in Spanish, English and French”. Legal 500, 2020.


Eliseo M. Martínez has been the Managing Partner of IUS+AEQUITAS, a Spanish law firm specialising in litigation, since 2011. The firm has been recognised by Chambers for its “high degree of specialisation, proactivity and ability to provide imaginative and robust solutions to complex problems, and is a top-tier firm in white-collar crime and dispute resolution” and by Legal 500 for being “a true dispute resolution specialist”, Ius + Aequitas Abogados is known for its international litigation, corporate investigations and economic crime expertise. The firm acts in a range of disputes, including bankruptcy proceedings in commercial courts, criminal litigation and international arbitration, with particular expertise in the fields of insolvency, intellectual property and public law.

As a trial lawyer for almost 20 years, Eliseo M. has been involved in almost three thousand different cases and leads the strategy of major cases in his extensive fields of expertise. He currently represents national and international banks and other financial and investment institutions, consumer organisations and different personalities from the cultural and social spheres.

Many of the cases of the law firm he heads are among the most well-known in Spain, cases known for their media impact such as the representation of shareholders in civil and criminal actions in the “Banco Popular-PwC” or “Abengoa” cases; the “Neymar” case, representing the Brazilian investment fund “D. I.S” and the “Brazilian Federation of Professional Athletes – FAAP” against the footballer Neymar Jr. and FC Barcelona; the administration of the bankruptcy of “Ausbanc” or “Vértice360”; or the ICC arbitration in the “Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. case”. Vs. OEA regarding the “Chacao Bridge” in Chile.

With a Master’s degree in U.S. Law from Washington University in St. Louis (School of Law), and practising as a trilingual (English, French and Spanish) international litigator and arbitrator, Eliseo M. is internationally regarded as a top level expert in civil and common law arbitration. He is a sought-after lecturer worldwide and teaches Intellectual Property, Legal Practice and Arbitration at various Spanish Universities such as ICADE, Universidad Villanueva-Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Carlos III.

Eliseo M. is active in the Spanish arts and media, giving lectures and interviews. Since 2010, he is an active member of the editorial team of the Spanish cultural and social magazine ANOCHE TUVE UN SUEÑO (“Last Night I Had a Dream”) and Patron of the International Awards “Committed Optimists” in the “Freedom of Expression” category, which has recognised Raif Badawi (Saudi Arabian writer in prison), Leopoldo López (Venezuelan politician) and Malgorzata Gersdorf (the sanctioned First President of the Supreme Court of Poland), among others.


Dispute resolution in the field of:

– Class action suits and large-scale litigation.

– Economic Criminal Law.

– Insolvency.

– International Arbitration.

– Intellectual Property and Competition Law.

– Contentious-Administrative.

– Franco-English affairs.


2023: LEGAL 500: Included in the “arbitration” category in the POWERLIST IBERIA.

2023: LEADERS LEAGUE: Recognised in the area of “International Arbitration”, “Restructuring & Insolvency” and “White-collar crime”.

2023: CHAMBERS GLOBAL: Recognised in Dispute Resolution.

2023: CHAMBERS EUROPE: Recognised in the rankings for Dispute Resolution (B5) and Dispute Resolution: Corporate Crime (B3).

2023: LEADERS LEAGUE: Recognised in the area of “Restructuring & Insolvency”.

2023: BEST LAWYERS: Recognised in the categories “Arbitration and Mediation, Criminal Defence”, “Insolvency and Reorganization Law” and “Intellectual Property Law” in Spain.

2022: BEST LAWYERS: Included in the “Criminal Defence” category in Spain.

2022: CHAMBERS GLOBAL: Recognised in the “Dispute Resolution band 5” category in Spain.

2022: LEADERS LEAGUE: Included as “Highly Recommended in the category “White-collar crime” and “International Arbitration” in Spain.

2021: CHAMBERS Europe: Included in the “Dispute Resolution band 5” category in Spain.

2021: LEADERS LEAGUE: Recognised as “Recommended” in the “White-collar crime” category in Spain.

2020: CHAMBERS EUROPE: Included in the “Dispute Resolution” category in Spain: “Eliseo Martínez is deserving of praise for his “exquisite and powerful arguments”. “He advises clients in banking litigation as well as in criminal proceedings relating to money laundering, embezzlement and tax fraud”.

2020: CHAMBERS GLOBAL: Ranked in the “Dispute Resolution” category in Spain.

2020: LEGAL 500: Included in the “Dispute Resolution” category in Spain: “Eliseo M. Martínez, an excellent managing partner, leads his team and provides “deep knowledge and creativity” in international litigation”.

2020: LEGAL 500: Ranked in the “Economic Crime” category in Spain: “International litigator Eliseo M. Martínez is actively involved in a number of corporate crime cases”.

2020: BEST LAWYERS: Ranked under “Criminal Defence” in the Spanish Directory.

2019: CHAMBERS GLOBAL: Recognised as “Outstanding Practitioner” in the “Conflict Resolution” category in Spain.

2019: CHAMBERS EUROPE: Recognised as “Outstanding Professional” in the “Conflict Resolution” category in Spain.

2018: CHAMBERS GLOBAL: Recognised as “Outstanding Professional” in the “Conflict Resolution” category in Spain.

2018: CHAMBERS EUROPE: Recognised as “Outstanding Professional” in the “Conflict Resolution” category in Spain.

  • – US Law degree from Washington University in St Louis (School of Law).– Member of the Madrid Bar Association (ICAM) since 2002.- Spanish and International Secondary Education (I.B.-Spain-Switzerland).Languages:– Spanish.– English.– French.

Member of:

Madrid Bar Association, since 2002. International Chamber of Commerce (“ICC”), Paris, France. IBA, “International Bar Association, London, UK. Assotiation “Droit et Commerce”, Paris, France. UIA (“Union International d´Avocats”), Paris, France. “CCI France-Espagne”, La Chambre, Paris, France. Club Español del Arbitraje (“CEA”), Madrid, Spain. “Adigital, Asociación Española de la Economía Digital”, Madrid, Spain. CCBE, “Camara de Comercio Brasil-España (Brazil-Spain Chamber of Commerce)”. “Foro Sociedad Civil (Professional Partnership Forum)”, Madrid, Spain.

Insolvency Practitioner in the following jurisdictions (“Senior Member Lists”): Courts of Madrid, Toledo, Segovia, Guadalajara, Cuenca, Ávila, Valladolid, Valencia, Barcelona and Cantabria.

Arbitration in:

“Asociación Europea de Arbitraje”, Madrid, Spain. “Comité Franco-Español de Arbitraje, CCI- Chambre France-Espagne”, Paris, France. “Corte de Arbitraje de la Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Servicios de Madrid (Court of Arbitration of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services)”, Madrid, Spain. CAESP, “Conselho Arbitral do Estado do Sao Paolo”, Brazil.

Academic Activities (CV):

Lecturer for:

“Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property” at the Universidad Carlos III,. “Master’s Degree in International Legal Advice”, Universidad Villanueva, Madrid. “Master’s Degree in Legal Practice” at the Universidad Villanueva-Universidad Complutense, Madrid. “Master’s Degree in Intellectual Property” at the Universidad ICADE, Madrid.

Guest speaker at:

Asociación Internacional de Jóvenes Abogados (AIJA) “Cross-border disputes Conference 2020: What to expect in the coming decade (Disputas transfronterizas 2020: Qué esperar en la próxima década)”, Miami (2019): “Evidence in international litigation: confidentiality at stake (Pruebas en los litigios internacionales: la confidencialidad en juego)”. 37th Cambridge International Symposium on Economic Crime, organised by the International Documentation Centre on Organised and Economic Crime (CIDOEC): “Fighting economic crime, a shared responsibility (La lucha contra la delincuencia económica, una responsabilidad compartida)”, in Jesus College in Cambridge (2019): “Improving the Flow of information between the public and private sectors (Mejorar el flujo de información entre los sectores público y privado)”. Congress of the Brazilian legal profession held at the Universidad de Sevilla, Seville (2019).

PUC-Campinas Law School: Master class on “Actions in defence of intellectual property rights” Sao Paulo, Brazil (2017).

Member of the Board in:

Vice-Secretary “FORO SOCIEDAD CIVIL”, Madrid, Spain. Appointed by the ICC (“INTERNATIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE”) as a member of the working group “Addressing Issues of Corruption in International Arbitration” on behalf of the Spanish National Committee (EU). Member of the Editorial Team of the Spanish cultural and social magazine ANOCHE TUVE UN SUEÑO (“Last Night I Had a Dream”) and Patron of the International Awards “Optimistas Comprometidos (Committed Optimists)”. Member of the Board of Trustees of the FUNDACIÓN ALFONSO MARTÍN ESCUDERO, (a non-profit organisation dedicated to research, promotion and financing of teaching and scientific research, involved in the defence and promotion of the social sciences to advance, improve and support Law and Society projects in Spain), 2007 – 2010.