Belén Ajofrín



Belén Ajofrín is a lawyer and Insolvency Practitioner with solid experience in the management of business crises, within three areas: restructuring and rehabilitation, legal consultancy and insolvency administration. After completing her Master’s Degree in Corporate Insolvency at the Universidad San Pablo CEU, she has worked in the field of Insolvency Law in leading national and international firms.

She currently focuses on the development of all the functions inherent to the position of Insolvency Practitioner, with special mention of the processing of various and diverse business groups. She is also a specialist in pre-insolvency institutions: refinancing agreements and out-of-court settlements.

Belén Ajofrín is also directly involved in the sale of production units, in advising companies in insolvency proceedings as an Insolvency Lawyer, and in the protection of creditors’ claims.


Insolvency Practitioner. Lawyer for insolvency proceedings.

Defence of creditors’ claims.

Advice on sales of production units.

Instruction of the debtor in the phases of insolvency.

Out-of-court settlements.

Refinancing agreements.


– Master’s Degree in Corporate Insolvency, Universidad San Pablo CEU de Madrid 2011 – 2012

– Law Degree, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid 2006 – 2011


– Spanish.

– English.


Member of the Madrid Bar Association as a practising lawyer since 2011.

Insolvency Practitioner included in the main legal jurisdictions of Spain.

Member of the Asociación Española de Mujeres Profesionales de la Insolvencia (Spanish Association of Female Insolvency Professionals).