In this regard, we have developed our quality policy, which has been certified by AENOR for quality systems administration ISO 9001:2008, becoming one of the few firms to obtain this proof of excellence. Furthermore, our confidentiality and a personalised service add extra value which is highly appreciated by our clients.

Our aim is to achieve full satisfaction for our clients by:

  • Added value

Style Guide. All of our documents are governed by our Style Guide– from the qualitative point of view – which is defined in our protocols for better comprehension and illustrates our brand image. This defines us as an exclusive company always in pursuit of excellence.

  • Trust

Client’s opinions about our work are essential for our brand and this is the reason why we have a Customer Support Department, exclusively dedicated to solve potential complications that may arise, receiving and analysing one by one all of our client’s suggestions and commentaries.

  • Personalized treatment

It is characteristic of our modus operandi. Each client is unique to us and is given a personalized treatment and their case is assigned to a professional in charge. Those who have switched to our firm know that they are hiring professionals that strive for quality through continuous improvement. Such search for excellence has culminated in our being within the first law firms to be awarded with the prestigious certification of quality management systems UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008/AC:2009.

Our commitment to continuous improvement is proven by our quality policy.