Community Investment

Taking into account the commitment to continuously improve, which defines our quality policy, it has been fundamental for us to implement these principles so as to guarantee the existence of a better world in spite of the difficulties that our society is facing.

Ius + Aequitas Lawyers components are conscious of the work and social responsibilities inferred in the practice of law and assume a social commitment to assist and collaborate with the most underprivileged and those that pursue society’s development selflessly.

Consequently, Ius + Aequitas Lawyers renders its professional services for the benefit of those persons and interests that are worthy of special protection.

Ius + Aequitas Lawyers offers its best services at a national and international level to non-profit-making organizations that are an expression of an improved society, through an active collaboration with them.

In addition, Ius + Aequitas Lawyers each year offers its professional services in an altruistic manner to a case that is particularly worthy of protection so as to constitute an entity that truly contributes to the development and welfare of society and its citizens.

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