The professionals of the firm attached to the department of company restructuring and bankruptcy law have wide experience in all the issues related to company restructuring and bankruptcy. Without any doubt, the fact that we act as bankruptcy administrators designated by the mercantile courts of all Spain, and even by the National Commission of Stock Markets, attests the high grade of specialization and knowledge in this specific area of our lawyers. In the same sense, our intervention in all the matters related with this area makes possible that all the issues related to this are can become analysed, not only from the legal perspective but also from an economic, which lets us study the actual situation of the debtor, the future projection of its situation, and a financial planning consistent with the needs possible, that will permit, rather overcome the insolvency situation, or handle and adequate financial reorganisation, by designing an adequate procedural strategy that is adequate to the debtor’s needs in order to confront a financing procedure or a bankruptcy procedure, with enough guarantees of success.

Within the area of restructuring and financial and economic planning, of individuals of companies, the high specialisation of out professionals allows us to successfully confront the drafting of any kind of financial organisation plan, starting from extrajudicial agreements for payment, proper of individuals of small and medium companies, to complex financing agreements or judicial homologation of the operations with such nature.

Additionally, our firma also intervenes in the defence of the creditors interests, either in financial agreements proper of the bankruptcy procedure, and in protecting the investors by judicial homologation of companies in a delicate situation, or even under a bankruptcy procedure investment projects.

In the same line, we assess investors for the acquisition of productive units, from companies in bankruptcy to entities that would like to abandon an activity line, studying the risks of each one of the operations and guiding the investor in the negotiation to guarantee success in obtaining the investment.