Real Estate, Construction and Urban Planning

Ius+Aequitas provides comprehensive legal aid both to owners of rural or urban property and real estate developers and investors. In doing so, our office maintains steady collaboration with architecture, engineering and topography firms that allows us to provide a complex legal-technical service to our clients.

Our professionals intervene in the negotiation and drafting of contracts of a public or private nature aimed at the acquisition, leasing or sale of plots of land, buildings, industrial plants or housing, drafting funded or unfunded credit protection that, depending on each case, permits the assurance of effective compliance of the contracts.

During the building construction or refurbishing phase, our solicitors have been advising, participating in negotiating and recruitment with the parties involved in the construction work (builders, architects, engineers and quantity surveyors).
They also provide, in collaboration with technicians, development monitoring of the building in progress, in such a way that if by chance there are any disputes in connection with building materials or planning, they provide alternative extra-judicial solutions with the aim of concluding the work in due time and form.

In spite of the above, in those cases where a judicial or arbitral solution turns out to be necessary, the professionals of Ius+Aequitas have been successfully implementing all manner of service or works contract compliance claims, damage claims, deviation from regulations in terms of building ordinances, according to each case.

The close liaison that our firm maintains with architectural firms allows us to plan all facets of urban development from pre-planning through construction to marketing the finished product. To that effect, our clients who are developers and investors entrust our office with the responsibilities of legal-technical due diligence aimed at determining the viability of their real estate projects.

To meet the needs of developers, our team take charge of, among others, the following activities:

  • Negotiating with administration and members in the areas of action and participation of the planning process.
  • Intervention in urban planning systems (compensation, cooperation and expropriation), forming an active part of the boards created for that purpose.
  • Managing and obtaining grants and licenses.

The members of our firm enjoy renowned prestige in practising law before administration authorities in defence of the rights of those we represent in contentious administrative proceedings, as well as claiming state liability for those decisions made by the administrations that cause harm to their construction and real estate rights.