Public Law

Within the field of administrative law (that which governs existing relations between public administrations and private individuals) we come across an immense variety concerning their subject matter (tourism, urban planning, healthcare liability, civil service, expropriation, telecommunications, defence, etc)

This situation is further compounded by the changing character of administrative law, which means one change in regulations with cause other pre-existing rights and responsibilities to mutate in turn. In this manner, each change that the legislator introduces to the enactments gives rise to disputes aimed towards interpreting the new law or to defending situations and/or rights affected by the change to the law.

One must never forget that the position of each person, natural or legal, with regards to the administration is one of subordination, meaning that the administration maintains a position of power over the individual. But that in no way implies that the public authorities are not obliged to comply with the law as are we all, what this implies is that the position of power of those in administration over those being administered only applies within the confines defined by the law.

n today’s world and within the geographical sphere of Europe administration has had to become increasingly interventionist. Thus, it has become essential to rely on good administrative legal advice that with solid ethical training and a constant adaptation to changing regulations in order to defend the interests of those being administered before a seemingly omnipotent administration.

The administrative legal team of Ius+Aequitas, have a solid training background and wide experience not only in dealing with the government (Central, regional or municipal) but also in the most efficient way of defending interests in the administrative field or, in their case, before the Contentious-Administrative courts and tribunals.

The professional team of Ius+Aequitas provide a highly-specialized service, with a strongly practical focus, orientated towards obtaining legally effective results.