Labor and Employment

Being mindful of the growing importance that the public sector has, both in relation with workers’ rights and effective development of businesses our office has at its disposal among its professional team solicitors specialized in dealing with matters in this field.

Our impartial outlook, focused on giving counsel to companies and workers alike, allows us to devise and define the best strategies, be it preventative or procedural, in order to address issues pertaining to labour law.

Dismissals of an objective or unfair nature and/or redundancies, disciplinary proceedings, recognition procedures and rights protection, both fundamental and ordinary rights – bullying, harassment, threatening situations and general abuse-, termination of the employment relationship for serious infringements, major changes of working conditions, payment claims… All the legal proceedings within this field of law are recognised and addressed by members of our legal team connected with the department of labour law, that possess extensive experience in this field.

Regarding legal advice in this field, the abundant existing legislation as well as the evolution of interpretative criteria make it necessary, or at least recommendable, to seek professional legal advice from specialists that allow one to avoid the potential flaws that can be found in both employment contracts and communication with workers, or in the day to day running of the business itself.

The drafting of contracts(particularly, due to their complexity, those of senior management), as well as their defence and interpretation, communications ( letters of disciplinary matters, dismissal, change of working conditions or simply information updates), salary reviews and settlements, as well as general advice on day to day matters pertaining to employer-employee relations are issues that, from the office, are analysed in detail, thus avoiding future problems or helping define and defend future procedural strategies.

In terms of corporate reorganisation, we have intervened in numerous collective proceedings, both in substantial changes to working conditions and the expiration of contracts within the framework of complex corporate restructuring of companies or productive industrial units or business areas.

Finally, in relation to the process of investing and buying and selling of businesses, particularly, in relation to sales transactions and the acquisition of industrial units, our office also has extensive experience in the study, assessment and grasp of business situations of succession.

Thus, we look into every issue pertaining to employment law offering absolute solvency to the client regarding the issues that may arise in relation to these aspects.