Internet and Modern Technology

With a team who specialise in intangible assets and always working with a multidisciplinary approach, we have at our disposal extensive experience advising national and international companies in terms of information society services, e-commerce and data protection.

Being well aware of the importance of intangible assets to people and businesses, as well as all the doubts they have as regards to data protection rights online. As part of our company ethos we walk our clients through every step of their projects, webpages, mobile apps, databases and technological projects of every kind providing the required legal certainty.

Our experience in the field of Modern technology allows us to adequately serve our clients’ needs in regards to the diverse legal aspects pertaining to these areas, such as:

In terms of e-commerce and information society services:

  • Drafting of terms and conditions of use and contracting of websites
  • Advice regarding derivative duties to the regulations that regulate the provision of information society services.
  • Legal adaptation of commercial communications delivered electronically
  • Advice regarding online payment services
  • Legal protection of software, databases and mobile apps
  • IT recruitment: transfer, distribution and licensing of software, storage contracts for source codes, hosting and housing contracts
  • Advice regarding online payment systems

In terms of personal data protection:

  • Personal data protection audits
  • Advice and drafting of data protection policies
  • Submitting data to the Spanish data protection agency: file notifications, rights of access, amendments, cancellation and opposition of data
  • Inspection and sanctioning procedures submitted to the Spanish data protection agency
  • Advice pertaining to cookies and other data storage devices and terminals
  • Advice regarding data release and control
  • Procedures authorising the international transfer of data
  • legal requirements in terms of personal data security

Our professional team continuously update their information and resources, given the specific nature of the subject matter, that is in a constant state of evolution, so our clients can always be assured of being given legal protection and advice in line with current issues and legal developments that to safeguard their projects.