Intellectual Property

One of the most distinguished areas of IUS + AEQUITAS ABOGADOS is Intellectual Property and Disloyal Competence, which has was instituted from the start point of the firm, in order to satisfy the needs of clients whose main asset is IP.

IUS + AEQUITAS ABOGADOS was commissioned for more than a decade for the external legal assessment of a management entity for copyright and royalties, and now represents numerous clients in need of legal assessment for the defence and protection of any kind of creation and non material assets.

Our extensive experience in cases involving copyright infringement of intellectual property has helped us become a prestigious brand in this area of law. Proof being the numerous case outcomes in our favour in defense of the author’s moral rights, which has entailed beneficial progress in case law for the artistic community.

We offer specialized legal advice to our clients in order to effectively protect the rights of intellectual property of all types of artistic works and performances, also encompassing legal advice for the defense and protection of brands, industrial designs and patents.

  • Wide-ranging assessment about the legal system applied to intellectual property, industrial property and disloyal competence.
  • License contracts for trademarks, designs and patents.
  • Advertising contracts.
  • As a specialty of the firm, we practice the legal defence of our clients in any kind of litigation for infraction of intellectual property, industrial or disloyal competence, and we offer legal assistance in mediation, conciliation and arbitrage proceedings.
  • Mediation and arbitration proceedings under the second section of the Spanish copyright commission.
  • Safeguard proceedings of the rights of intellectual property in the digital domain under the second section of the Spanish copyright commission.
  • Opposition proceedings concerning the registration of brands, patents and industrial designs.
  • Preliminary appellant requests for intellectual and industrial copyright infraction.
  • Requests for precautionary measures, with or without holding a hearing with the respondent, for intellectual and industrial copyright infringements.
  • Request for preliminary proceedings to checking facts relating to patents
  • Civil proceedings for infringements of copyright and related rights.
  • Civil proceedings for the infringement, nullity and expiry date of industrial designs and brands.
  • Civil proceedings for patent infringement.
  • Civil proceedings for acts of unfair trade.
  • Criminal proceedings for offences relative to intellectual and industrial property, market and consumers.