Ius+Aequitas offer comprehensive legal advice in terms of personal insurance and damage insurance possessing extensive experience in the fields of medical, engineering and construction insurance, liability, credit and surety insurance.

We intervene both in the areas such as legal advice, issuing analysis and reports regarding the scope and coverage of general and specific terms and conditions included in the policies, and also in the procedural sphere.

In order to develop procedural activity in the insurance industry, our office has at its disposal a consolidated structure of material assets and human resources adapted to the needs of insurance companies, possessing software tools, numerous and sufficiently experienced solicitors and administrative staff both in terms of extrajudicial negotiation and handling judicial claims guarantee of success.

Our professionals are familiar with the software platforms of the insurance companies we advise, in such a way that they can have at their disposal in real time all the judicial and extrajudicial data that is held in each case assigned to the office.

We have at our disposal solicitors trained in mediation techniques and mediators that form part of the Madrid business mediation centre-which answers to the official chamber of commerce- and to MediaICAM, the mediation organisation of the bar association of Madrid, with the aim to facilitate the uptake of arrangements that streamline the procedural process of cases and help maintain relations between insurance companies and their clients.

In those cases that it does not turn out to be possible to reach an extrajudicial solution, Ius+Aequitas has developed a close liaison with independent experts to whom we entrust the production of rigorous expert of forensic reports for the preparation of legal arbitral proceedings, with an aim of guaranteeing they are adequately defended on trial and in hearings and, in this way, protect the rights and interests of our clients, whether they are an injured party, insured clients and/or insurance companies, according to each case.

In the insurance and construction industries, our extensive knowledge of the sector owing to our position of solicitors to development and construction companies and professional associations, allows us to bring added value both when trying to reach extrajudicial settlements and the use of necessary technical knowledge for the correct practise of legal defence of those we represent.

Finally, it is noted that the partner entrusted in this area has intervened in many insurance arbitration, both acting as arbitrator and representative solicitor, handled before various courts and institutions of arbitration.