Honour, Privacy and Personal Image

We provide legal aid by means of judicial proceedings within the civil and criminal system for the defence and guardianship of personal rights, directed at the protection of the moral heritage of individuals, such as:

  • The right to honour, that protects the good name or reputation of individuals or legal persons, in the face of phrases uttered with intent to discredit, that devalues them in the eyes of others
  • The right to personal and family privacy, directed at preserving the private social circle, reserved for that person and their household, excluding third parties from unauthorized knowledge and disclosure
  • Personal image rights, that safeguards the right of the individual to decide when, by whom and in what form their recognisable physical characteristics can be captured, reproduced or published

We possess extensive experience and recognition in the defence of our clients in the face of illegitimate intrusion or encroachment of these fundamental rights on the part of all manner of offenders, through proceedings related to rights violation of honour, privacy and personal image, by civil and criminal means.

We provide specific and specialized advice to individuals and businesses in those cases in which these rights have been affected or even violated and we practice the legal defence of our clients’ cases relating to right to honour, privacy and personal image, both in the civil and criminal field.

Intimately tied with people’s privacy, we serve on behalf of our clients and we effectuate the so-called “right to forget”, directed at preventing the spread of personal information online when its publication does not meet the requirements of appropriateness and relevance provided by legislation; Specifically, the law limits the indiscriminate spread of personal data on Internet search engines when such information is obsolete or devoid of relevance or public interest. In doing so, we address equally the source of the damage, the Internet search engines and the Spanish data protection agency, entrusted to protect this new right.

Likewise, we provide specialised advice in terms of the protection of data relating to personal character, offering businesses legal control to adjust to compliance of this legislation, the drafting of privacy policies for web pages, even for the management of online forums and blogs, as well as the legal defence in sanctioning procedures before the Spanish data protection agency.