Financial and Taxation Law

Ius+Aequitas Financial and Taxation was brought into being with the purpose of being its own externalised finance department but perfectly suited to the needs of businesses and professionals that do not possess their own accounting and finance department. Ius+Aequitas consists of professional university graduates of the various subjects required in this field.

On that basis, the satisfaction that our clients obtain from the services rendered rest on the skills of highly trained professionals that are available to serve them, that personally advise them and allow them to make more appropriate management, commercial, financial and tax decisions, making each operation and/or investment more profitable.

Our philosophy is based on the direct management and analysis of financial and accountancy data by specialists that personally take charge of the entire process of the accounting record, making use of the latest technological resources available: State of the art accounting software, personalised web page exclusively for the client’s use, constant communication with the office via messenger, digitised accounting records and database storage for exclusive client use, etc.

Moreover, the empowerment of Ius Aequitas financial and taxation before the tax agency (as processors of the quarterly settlements, summary annual returns and declaration amendments) and the mercantile registry (processing and management of online account ledgers and annual statements), allows us effectively manage, process and comply with fiscal and trade obligations, without having to involve the client in the management process.

With our operational methods and constant update of information, we obtain an in-depth study of the state their business at any given moment allowing us to make financial and tax projections in advance, among others, non-taxable profits.

  • Contents of our financial service
  • Bookkeeping and financial monitoring of the business
  • Preparation and presentation of tax returns (in the tax agency) and annual statements (in the trade registry), including the creation of the company’s accountancy ledgers
  • Creation of an exclusive and personalised database of the company’s accounting records (including, invoices, banking documents and receipts), by means of digital registry of the aforementioned data, with unlimited online access.
  • A quarterly consultation meeting with the entire office team, with the objective of reviewing the company’s position and evaluating different business and tax action strategies in relation to the company’s development.
    • Detailed periodic reporting concerning the financial and tax position of the business, including an annual projection of non-taxable profits.
    • Continuous financial and tax advice regarding the company and its daily development, via phone, email or messenger on the webpage (Web based platform)

Unlimited online access to the personalised webpage, exclusive to the company, with weekly updates on the information therein contained regarding the company.