Criminal Law

Criminal law is the branch of the law that establishes and regulates the punishment of crimes and offenses, by imposing certain penalties.

Therefore, Criminal Law is the highest representation of the Estate’s sanctioning power, matching facts, strictly determined by law, as quotation, a corrective sanction as consequence, reaching the objective of assuring the basic and indispensible conditions to living in a community, protecting, in consequence, the fundamental values that make the living between individuals possible.

The implementation of criminal proceedings in the Spanish legal system is done publicly, potentially by any person, natural or legal, damaged by a criminal act. In such a way, and contrary to proceedings in other legal systems, the process isn’t solely the responsibility of the state’s prosecution office, whose organic statute is entrusted to carry out criminal actions and punishments for offences or oppose the actions brought to action by others, as and when necessary.

In today’s society it has been shown that the persecution of certain offences, particularly within the socio-economic system or of corruption within the government itself, have been brought to a swift conclusion thanks to private prosecution carried out by victim through use of legal counsel.

And this, without forgetting that the primary responsibility of a solicitor in the field of criminal law is the defence of those who find themselves subjected to criminal proceedings, thus being a key element of the fundamental rights to defence universally recognized in article 24.2 on the constitution.

Ius+Aequitas and its team of legal experts in criminal law are knowledgeable in all aspects of law as a whole so much so that it becomes impossible to separate one branch from the other, particularly with regard to:

  • Constitutional law
  • Civil rights
  • Commercial and corporate law
  • Administrative law

This has bestowed them with an in-depth experience both in the department of private prosecution before magistrates’ courts (at the national high court or ordinary ordinary courts) in the defense against prosecution in oral proceedings, and those subjected to criminal action.

Our extensive experience and knowledge, together with the synergy contributed by our office associates makes Ius+Aequitas a popular choice for those who entrust the defense of their interests within the justice system.