Corporate Law

We intervene in the design, implementation and development of all manner of corporate operations; mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and corporate restructuring.

We offer legal aid in the corporate governance of societies and associations by means of an appropriate and effective response to their ordinary and extraordinary business dealings, company formation, updating of statutes and internal regulations, corporate agreements, reduction and expansion of company capital, transfer of stocks and share, reports on corporate governance, drafting of proceedings, preparation of shareholders’ meetings, ordinary or extraordinary and general council on the performance of professional duties of the board of management and other governing bodies of the company.

These are some of the many functions in which our team employs all of their skills and technical experience to serve the particular needs of every type of corporation.

The professional team of solicitors and financiers, as well as the international network that the office has at its disposal, pay special attention to start up of businesses and advice those entrepreneurs that want to see their projects come to fruition.

Be it mergers and acquisitions, contractual law and corporate law, our office always aims to accomplish each task and serve the clients’ needs to the best of their abilities, advising entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists alike, also advising companies, family business and legal entities, like consumer groups and associations, in all the different phases of their dealings.

n order to put all of these projects into practise, the team of solicitors at the office give legal council in the production, analysis and interpretation of all types of shareholder agreements and trade contracts, including sales contracts, agency contracts, commission, leasing, factoring, tolling, lending, bartering, transport, insurance and service delivery.

We provide advice to our clients regarding the establishment and restructuring of businesses by means of planning and implementation of corporate structures appropriate to their needs.

Likewise, our experience also includes the negotiation of pacts between partners and shareholders: such as the creation and selection of their board of directors and management, the dividend policy, qualified majorities, stock transfer restriction, company shares, call and put options, tag along and drag along law, exercise of voting rights, remuneration systems for senior management and administrators or the participation in corporate restructuring processes.