Civil and Mercantile Law

We provide comprehensive legal advice to both companies and private citizens, on issues pertinent to civil rights, offering legal aid in civil proceedings in court.

  • Negotiation, revision and drafting of all manner of contracts of a civil nature.
  • General conditions of civil recruitment.
  • Urban leases and condominiums. Preparation and negotiation of rental agreements for housing and business premises.
  • Inheritance law (heirs’ ab intestato, allocation and partition of estates, testamentary execution reports, contesting testamentary dispositions)
  • Contractual and non-contractual civil liability actions.
  • Complaints for hidden faults in the sales process.
  • Complaints for construction defects.
  • Enforcement of national and foreign judgements, sentences and arbitral awards.

Many aspects of daily life, from family or conjugal relations to commercial or business or cultural heritage are sources of doubts and conflicts, whose treatment and resolution is to be found within the regulations of private law.

Our professional experiences determine the legal strategy that best suits the requirements of each case, in order to put our clients in the situation that benefits them most, not only through giving specialized legal advice but defending their interests in courts throughout Spain, as well as every type of court of arbitration, having under our belts a very high perecentage of favourable outcomes for our clients.

We put or experience into practice when it comes to drawing up all kinds of contracts of a civil nature, settlements, negotiation and representation of third parties, be it judicial and non-judicial, national or international.

Exercising all kinds of civil liability actions, either contractual or non-contractual and proceedings about validity, interpretation, execution and resolution of any contract of civil nature.

Likewise, amongst our services in the field of private law one can find the legal advice and defense in regard to the rights of consumers and users, protection against abusive commercial practices, unfair practices, as much in the private as in the public sector, financial services and consumption, breach of the terms and conditions of a contract, We are equally specialized in collective claims of a civil nature, commercial and banking, offering to those affected comprehensive legal advice and defending their interests in every jurisdiction of the courts of Spain.