Banking Law

The responsible partners of the banking department of Ius+Aquitas have been advising different financial entities for more than twenty years now, as part of the internal legal aid of banks, and holding the position of legal directors as external solicitors en defence of the interests of recognized financial institutions and national and international investment funds

We intervene both in the field of advice on contractual matters, with a special emphasis on the content of clauses that guarantee the compliance of the economic rights of the banks and investment funds, and the claim and recovery of debts and assets.

In order to develop the branch of recoveries, our office has adapted its structure of assets and human resources to the needs of the banks, possessing effective software, numerous and sufficiently experienced solicitors and administrative personal in terms of extrajudicial negotiation when the time comes to file for claims with a guarantee of success.

Our solicitors and administrators are sufficiently familiar with the software platforms utilized by financial institutions to whom we give advice, in such a way that they possess in real time all of the judicial and extrajudicial information that occurs in each case assigned to the office.

Further adding to the strengths of our organisation we can speak of the value added by our legal team’s extensive knowledge in the field of bankruptcy and restructuring of businesses in crisis, seeing as many of them hold the position of mediators and administrators.

With a view to describing, without exhaustive detail, the operations that we develop in the field of recoveries are as follows:

  • Analysis of documents that help financial institutions initiate the claim and issue of reports about advised defects
  • Issue of dunning letters to debtors and telephone localization of them with the intention of reaching an extrajudicial solution authorized by the financial institution
  • Failing this, application of judicial action through declaration or in writing
  • Preparation of the legal defence and answering of complaints filed against the financial institutions for contract invalidity or unfair terms
    Active follow-up process accelerate recovery times
  • Preparation and assistance at opposition hearings during enforcement proceedings and hearings and trials during the declaratory proceedings. To that effect, organized meetings with representatives of the financial institutions that have to take the floor during the hearings
  • Formulating appeals against negative outcomes of our clients’ claims
  • Producing adjudication reports, addressing the value of the debts and nature of the assets and rights
  • Coordination of the eventual property auction with solicitors and the successor
  • Detailed revision of decrees in order to avoid delays of negative ratings
  • Application and follow-up of inaugurations and registration
  • Procedural processing of the eviction of occupants from properties subject to enforcement
  • Collaboration with financial institutions in managing applications for debt payments and social renting