Associations And Foundations

As a result of the significant importance that associative groups have acquired in our society, Ius+Aequitas have for years now been performing legal work in the aforementioned sector.

The partners of the firm have intervened in the establishment and development of internal procedural statutes and regulations and the enrolment in public registries of numerous association and federations, and form part of the administrative body of said institutions.

Accordingly, our solicitors hold the position of legal secretaries of the corresponding executive boards, handling the coordination of the convening of administrative board meetings, during which they provide technical advice, record minutes, and perform the upkeep of minute books of each association and federation.

At the same time, our office is charged with the responsibility of creating legal reports, as well as the negotiation, drafting and/or revision of the contracts concluded by such institutions with third parties and with each relevant administration.

The professionals of our firm work closely with federations on a national level and associations from the different autonomous communities that coordinate the majority of the owners and businesses in the tourist accommodation industry, with the objective of improving the existing regional legislation, examining potential policy reforms, attending meetings with the representatives of the administrations, presenting detailed legal submissions of draft bills, and where necessary, appealing contentious-administrative proceedings against those autonomous decree orders that prove harmful to the conduct of business.

Ius+Aequitas carry out reports on the rights of members of the associations, pointing out, the examples corresponding to passengers regarding non-compliance on the part of the airline companies in cases of cancellation, delay, over-bookings, and lost luggage, in accordance with the procedure in regulation CE nº 261/2004 of the European parliament and of the council, of February 11th 2004, establishing common standards regarding compensation and assistance for airline passengers in cases of denied boarding, cancellation or long delays of flights.

Due to our extensive litigation experience, our office solicitors possess legal address in numerous legal and arbitral proceedings in defence of the rights of associations and federations and their members, as well as compensation they could be owed for the violation of those rights by third parties.