ADR – Arbitrage and Mediation

In the business world, the need for rapid results, deeply motivated and specialized, occasionally collides with the general lengthiness of the legal process, stemming from the overload of cases.

Within personal, family, community and also, business relationships, it is sometimes necessary that third parties intervene to facilitate dealing between both parties, in order to direct proceedings allowing them to arrive at an agreement that, unlike judicial decisions, help those involved to maintain and even improve their personal connections and their business relationships.

The legal team at Ius+Aequitas have at their disposal certified experience in these alternative methods of resolving conflicts extrajudicially (arbitration and mediation), increasingly used by businesses as well as individuals.

Our professionals have intervened in numerous national and international arbitration cases as members of the court of arbitration or as solicitors, in certain cases, using their extensive knowledge of regulations and operation of the courts of arbitration.

Ius + Aequitas Lawyers is part of the Spanish Club of Arbitrage and our associates are arbitrators, in between other institutions, of the Court of Arbitrage of the Official Camera of Commerce, Industry and Services of Madrid and of the European Association of Arbitrage (AEADE), with intervention in arbitral proceedings relative to different specialities (finance & banking products, distribution, engineering & construction, intellectual & industrial property, leisure & tourism, between others).

In accordance with our objective of reaching deep and lasting settlements that finally bring possible conflicts to an amicable and cordial conclusion. We have at our disposal mediators that form part of the Madrid Business Mediation Centre-which reports to the Madrid official chamber of commerce and MedialICAM , the mediatory organization of the Bar Association of Madrid.

The responsible partner of the department is also part of the mediation commission of the Spanish arbitration club (having participated in drafting of the code of good mediation practise)

Finally, with the objective to ensure compliance with the orders of legislative power to facilitate the attainment of extrajudicial payment agreements with persons (judicial or natural) in situations of economic difficulty (intellectual and industrial property, recreation and tourism, among others) the retail distribution sector could reach an agreement, we also have at our disposal insolvency mediators registered created by the ministry of justice that make up the insolvency mediation work group of the Spanish arbitration club.

International Arbitrage

In the field of international arbitrage IUS + AEQUITAS ABOGADOS has an strategic alliance with the Brazilian law firm MIGUEL NETO ADVOGADOS (ENLAZAR CON EL LINK: through the procedural partner Mr Paulo Nasser. As a result of this alliance, both firms have co-operated in the defence of their client interests, becoming numerous the international arbitrage cases commanded.

With the professionals of both firms, we have successfully participated in several arbitrage procedures, with a regular intervention in international conferences treating this field.

In this sense, outstanding international clients whose representation is withheld in Latin-American contentious administrative cases, which are being issued in the following courts:

  • Arbitrage Courts in Spain (like the Arbitrage Court of the Commerce Camera of Madrid, The European Association of Arbitrage of the Spanish Club of Arbitrage).
  • Arbitrage Courts in Brazil (like the la Câmara de Arbitragem Brasil Canadá – CAM-CCBC)
  • Arbitrage Courts of other South American countries.
  • ICC in Paris, Miami, Sao Paulo and other offices.
  • LCIA.

We can help you deal with your international arbitrages in any field. We are particularly experienced in financial & investment arbitrages, joint ventures, M&A and commerce contracts.

We offer our clients assistance of arbitrages in English, Portuguese, Spanish and French. Thanks to our work experience in different jurisdictions (like United States, England, France, Chile, Germany…)

As we also count with this wide network to solicit precautionary measures previous to the arbitrage process in those jurisdictions and to execute the arbitral awards.