After 15 years sending to our dear clients and friends our seasonal Greetings printed in our card collection -created since 2011 by the National Design award-winning, Oscar Mariné- we felt it was the perfect time to make the decision of taking a step further in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy and embrace the opportunity to teamwork with Vipeika Foundation.

Through Vipeika Foundation we learned about some of their amazingly valuable projects developed in Kenia, and they introduced us the pupils of the “Pilar Galarza School”, promoted by the Foundation and located in a 1.450 meters high mountain, in the heart of the Pokot territory, in Kenia.

Two hundred fifty boys and girls that have the opportunity to access to education and ensure a meal per day, thanks to the Foundation Vipeika commitment. Even today, the access to freshwater is still complicated and the children themselves are – in most cases – are compelled to develop this work alone, walking for many kilometers and facing several risks until they get the closer swamp or river, where unfortunately, sometimes the most fearful danger is waiting for them, the crocodile.

This year we have decided to avoid all the printing, stationery, enveloping and postal consignments, in short, everything we have been doing all these years with affection and dedication to send you our Christmas card, and we have done this to commit in a bigger hope: building, along with Foundation Vipeika, a water tank to grant those children easy access to the water, fresh water that will be available for them and their families at school.

We will do this on behalf of all of you, our most dear clients, friends and providers of “Ius + Aequitas Law Office”. Thank you all for helping us to make the dream of pupils in “Pilar Galarza school” in Kilaya (Kenia) come true.